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by George Digalakis
by Joanne Jones

Having some fun with Heidi...a bit difficult to manage the dog, the string and the camera! She is a bit bewildered by it all :)

by Thanakorn chai Telan

Warning !! Might caused dizziness . Thank you my friends for viewing :)

by Laure
by Thanakorn chai Telan

Sorry my friends, won't be able to make much comments as regularly as i used to. Should be back to normal in couple of days....:) Thank you for viewing and I'll turn off comments to be fair .

by Martin Rak


by Bodó Miklós

Thanks for all comments and promotions !

by Sherry Gautreau

"There's a light at the end of the tunnel, you shout. Cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out" Thank you for any comments or promotions, they are appreciated. Took a month long road trip, touring the east coast, got lots of pictures to share...good to be back.

by Akira Gomi
by Ekkachai Khemkum
by Edna Dott


by Srikaton Mindarwanto
by Linda Wride

Another image from a recent trip to Berlin. Many thanks for looking and commenting :-)

by Bruno Flour

Shop window in Oostende (BE) Thank you for your visit Dear fotoblur friends, I have decided from now on to comment only a limited number of images, but try to formulate more meaningful comments. Of course, I will continue to feature (invisibly) all other images I love.

by Dianne Galbraith

A rather large thistle that started as a purple flower (well I think it did!!)....see previous image..... http://www.fotoblur.com/images/736822...

by Nima Moghimi
by Sabine Adams

Somebody left a message...

by george freeman

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn”.