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by EmilijaVa
by katy macky

Happy Monday all :-)

by Miklós Bodó

Thanks to all !

by George Digalakis
by zurab getsadze
by Gustavo Garza
by Mohammad hossein shabani
by Les Forrester
by Ekkachai Khemkum
by Thanakorn chai Telan

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and go with the flow !!

by zurab getsadze
by George Digalakis

THRILL ~ Relationships past and learning that although painful its disastrous to attempt to make the connection work when all has drained but contempt. You meet and a spark of ignition commences the affair between two often different people but that's what makes it work enough to stay ~ Then we bec...

by Sahidul Hassan
by joseph mazzucco
by Ekkachai Khemkum